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We're two admissions counselors at Washington College. One of us is an alum (Beilin), and the other one is regretful that he is not (Ryan). Follow us on our adventures during our first year in admissions! Feel free to ask questions about WC, Chestertown, college life, or admissions in general.
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To kick off the new drama and environment Sandbox gallery, two wonderful street artists from Baltimore, Katie and Jesse, came to WAC and guided a group of students in making their own mandala mural outside the Gibson Center for the Arts . The experience was amazing and was perfect for (coincidentally) commemorating Earth Day. #earthday

This past weekend, we had our Admitted Students Day - a special day just for the awesome people who have been accepted to Washington College! We had a record-breaking 700+ visitors on campus, which is about half of our student body. Prospective students and their families got to see WACapella perform, sit in information sessions to learn about different departments, take a tour of campus, a tour of downtown Chestertown, eat brunch in the dining hall, attend student/parent Q&A’s, meet Gus the Goose, and just mingle with fellow WC enthusiasts! Also, our VP wanted to take an Ellen Degeneres style selfie with our guests:

Best of all, we had 16 students commit on the spot that day! To you lucky 16, welcome to the family and get ready for the best four years of your life.

Ok so this whole freezing temps and weekly snow storm thing is getting pretty old. In honor of the first day of spring (tomorrow), please enjoy these pictures of our campus during some of its more beautiful months. I will be staring at them and chanting “any day now…..”


I mean…come on. 


The annual cardboard boat race, held every September during the Center for Environment & Society’s Waterfront Festival. 


Our beautiful waterfront. *sigh*


The always fun Annual Spring Fling hosted by Residential Life and the Student Government Association. 


Every season looks great on this campus!! 


WHAT??! Apparently Martha’s Kitchen is serving BUTTERBEER! Okay, if there were any ever doubts, I chose the right school.

The absolute best, most traditional, most fun, most over-the-top event at Washington College is coming up in just 11 days…BIRTHDAY BALL!!

Some back story: WC has been celebrating George Washington’s birthday for more years than he would probably want to admit. Every fall, a planning committee gets together to create the most amazing birthday party that anyone, even George, could ask for. One of the best parts is the fact that there is a different theme every year AND the student body gets to vote on said theme. Past years we’ve seen themes like the Wizard of Oz, The Great Gatsby, Winter Wonderland, and Alice in Wonderland. This year’s theme is Harry Potter so you I’ll be there with some serious Slytherin accessories (no shame). No matter the theme, the decorations are always mesmerizing and the dance floor is always superb. But even better than all of that is the fact that everyone is there. Professors, staff, students, alumni, friends, parents, even the President and First Lady Reiss are there! 

Now that I’ve said all of that, let me say this: you absolutely MUST come to Birthday Ball at least once in your lifetime. Or, even better, apply to Washington College and before you know it you will have gone to 4 Birthday Balls! 

Check out these pictures of past Birthday Balls!


Fun fact: One of George Washington’s absolute favorite foods was hoecakes….yup you read that right. They are basically cornmeal pancakes and George ate them most days for breakfast. They are called “hoecakes” because they were traditionally cooked on a garden hoe over an open fire, but the cooks at Mount Vernon used griddles. George loved to smother them in butter and honey, but then again, who wouldn’t?! 

Here’s a modern adaption of the recipe, straight from the Mount Vernon website: 

8 3/4 cups white cornmeal
1/4 teaspoons dry yeast
1 egg
Warm water
Shortening or other cooking grease
Honey & Butter
  • In large container, mix together 4 cups white cornmeal, 1 1/4 teaspoons dry yeast, and enough warm water to give the mixture the consistency of pancake batter (probably 3-4 cups).
  • Cover and set on the stove or counter overnight. In the morning, gradually add remaining cornmeal, egg and enough warm water to give the mixture the consistency of pancake batter (3-4 cups).
  • Cover and set aside for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Add cooking grease to a griddle or skillet and heat until water sprinkled onto it will bead up. Pour batter, by the spoonful, onto the hot griddle. (Note: since the batter has a tendency to separate, you will need to stir it well before pouring each batch.) When the hoecake is brown on one side, turn it over and brown the other. Serve warm with butter and honey.
# 65 “Speak not injurious Words neither in Jest nor Earnest Scoff at none although they give Occasion”