R&B: Ryan and Beilin

We're two admissions counselors at Washington College. One of us is an alum (Beilin), and the other one is regretful that he is not (Ryan). Follow us on our adventures during our first year in admissions! Feel free to ask questions about WC, Chestertown, college life, or admissions in general.

Ryan and I both grew up in MD and while we might be biased, we agree that it is by far the best state ever. This has been a week full of Maryland love!! On Monday, guidance/college/independent counselors from all over the country visited Washington College as part of the annual Crab Crawl. The Crab Crawl (perfect name, right?) takes counselors to visit all of Maryland’s Independent Colleges to learn more about them and to take info back to their high school students! The “Crab Crawlers” took a tour of campus, met with admissions, took a bus tour of downtown Chestertown, and then had a real Eastern Shore lunch complete with crab soup, crab cakes, and jalapeño corn bread! 

That same night, the Crab Crawl had a lovely dinner in Baltimore that Ryan and I were able to attend. It was on the 15th floor of the Hyatt which has an incredible view of the harbor! Here are pictures of it from ground level:



We also had a chance to walk around in the shops a little bit, and there was this OLD BAY SHRINE. It was amazing. Ryan almost cried.


But wait, there’s more!

Yesterday was Maryland Day! Maryland Day is the celebration of the first European settlement in the state. 380 years ago on March 25th, 1634, settlers landed on StClement’s Island (in St Mary’s County). 


Happy Maryland Day!!


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